Malaysia Instrumentation Material and Gas Services Component | About Us
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About Us

Company Background

Kinetic Products Sdn. Bhd. is one of the pioneer suppliers for valves, fittings, instrumentations and gas services components in the UHP semiconductor industry. Founded in the year 1997 with passion and committed to fulfilling customer’s demands with excellent sales and service.


We work closely with our customers to provide not only high-quality products but also technical product knowledge in order to meet the demanding application requirements.

Our Partners

Kinetic Products is one of the pioneer suppliers for valve, fittings and gas services components for the high purity industry sector.

Carten Controls

Carten designs, manufactures and supplies high-performance valves and flow solutions for ultra-high-purity systems. Carten works in industries where cleanliness, containment and safe delivery are critical for process efficiency, performance and reliability.


Carten’s core product line includes high-purity bellows, diaphragm, check and ball valves and pharmaceutical diaphragm valves. Moreover, Carten also manufactures gas-pressure regulators, dual-containment valves, vacuum generators, and ceramic and control valves in their state-of-the-art facilities in Ireland and the USA.


Fujikin is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced fluid and gas flow valves, fittings and control systems for specialized high purity fabrication and process equipment operating in abrasive, corrosive, flammable or toxic applications in a wide range of demanding industries, including semiconductor, aerospace, electric power generation, pharmaceutical, chemical and more.


Fujikin pioneered high quality, advanced surface treatment technology in order to deal with the problems surrounding corrosion and particle generation in semiconductor manufacturing. All Fujikin High Purity products are manufactured in a Class-1 clean room environment.

High Purity Products Background

In semiconductor manufacturing, wafers are manufactured in high volumes and in the nanometer scale, making the process very critical. The process is very demanding in cleanliness and precision control of gas flow.


Any ultramicroscopic particles that contaminate the process could affect the final product quality resulting in lower yield. Our UHP products are manufactured and 100% tested in Clean Rooms with zero tolerance for particles and oil contamination, giving our customers peace of mind.


Why Choose Us?

Well-Established Products

Representing well-established UHP valves and Fitting maker.

Dedicated Team

Dynamic and committed team to service our customers.

Optimal Inventory

Optimal inventory to fulfil our customers demand.

Strategic Locations

Strategic distribution location to support our customers.

Providing the right valve
for the right application

As a pioneer distributor of Fujikin and Carten products, we are comitted to our customers’ demanding application requirements by providing high quality products and technical product knowledge.