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Brass Tube Fittings


Description of Powerfullok Brass Tube Fitting


The POWERFULLOK is a tube fitting with excellent performance and quality. It is manufactured utilizing the design expertise and production technology that we have accumulated through our many years of experience as a precision fitting manufacturer. The brass POWERFULLOK is a flareless double ferrule compression fitting that does not require tube thread cutting. It consists of a brass (C3771B, C3604B, C3602B) body, front ferrule, back ferrule, and nut.


Powerfullok Brass Tube Fitting


  • Male Connector
  • Bulkhead male Connector
  • Straight Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Bulkhead Union
  • Female Connector (Rc thread)
  • Female Contactor (G thread)
  • Bulkhead Female Connector (Rc thread)
  • Elbow Union
  • Male Elbow (R thread)
  • Tee Union
  • Reducing Tee Union
  • Female Branch Tee
  • Male Branch Tee (R thread)
  • Male Run Tee (R thread)
  • Cap Union
  • Plug Union
  • Front Ferrule
  • Back Ferrule
  • Nut

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